“I have handled the aviation risk management and insurance programs for five billionaires and two publically traded aviation companies. My team and I are always working hard to meeting the expectations of the most demanding clients. I would consider Mr. Phillips to be an exceptional steward when it comes to not missing any detail and on our short list of most demanding clients.”

Read the full letter here: Letter of PraiseInsurance Office of America Aerospace – Atlanta, GA

Total CFO has been a valued asset in my day to day life. From bill paying to insurance issues as well as my private aviation management and the staffing of my residences; Total CFO really can do it all. What they did in such a short time to help me get it together has been extraordinary. With all the dots connected I can live freely knowing that someone always has me covered. Family Office – R. Hayward

As a publicly traded company, financial reporting is a #1 priority on our list and a must if we want to stay in business. The team at Total CFO has completed all our SEC filings and answered any and all questions with a knowledge that’s second to none. Whether you are a small start up company or a larger public company like us, Total CFO can work for you. I highly recommend their services. Public Company – New York, NY

Total CFO is our life saver!

As one of the fastest growing limousine companies in our area, we really needed a way to get a better handle on our rapid expansion. After checking out more than a few “fly by night” type of operations we found Total CFO. They were able to review all our finances and develop a course of action with us. Almost immediately we had budgets in place and their debt restructuring department was negotiating on our behalf to clear up lingering matters. Total CFO’s insurance division was also able to get us new policies with more coverage for less then what we were already spending and the bill pay department began handling payment to our affiliates and vendors. We seamlessly transitioned our payroll and were able to finally offer our employees the medical coverage they needed. Total CFO even converted our merchant processing services, which to date has saved us thousands over the last year. They are the best business management tool I could ever recommend. The Total CFO Team members are all knowledgeable, inspiring, and motivating. They take pride in our company as if it were their own. Small Company – Tampa Bay, FL

“Let us do what we do best so you can focus on what you do best!”
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